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Thanks to the support from leaders of National Administration of Surveying, Mapping and GeoInformation (NASG), and President Ángel Cabrera, Provost Peter Stearns and COS Dean, VP for International Affairs Anne Schiller of George Mason University, The second "Advanced Executive Program for GeoInformation Management" was successfully completed by GMU for NASG. Director General Qian Wang and program officer Shibai Zhang coordinated the program management in China. ASG, GMU, USGS and ESRI sponsored this program. GMU, USGS (Reston Center) and ESRI collaboratively hosted the training.

Managed by the Center for Intelligent Spatial Computing and the Global Office of GMU and NASG, the Program provided training to executives coming from NASG and provincial bureaus of surveying and mapping. 13 bureau (deputy) directors from NASG and Shanxi, Chongqing, Sichuan, Hainan, Guangxi, Guangdong, Yunnan, Qinghai, and Ningxia participated in this advanced geoinformation management program (Jul. 6 – Jul. 26, 2013) at George Mason University. The GMU side was managed by Profs. David Wong and Ruixin Yang, and Dr. Chen Xu. Dr. Pinde Fu and Frank Xia helped coordinated the activities at the ESRI DC office. Dave Kirtland, the USGS Eastern Region Geographic Science Center Director, hosted the USGS visit with his two colleagues. Chaowei Yang coordinated the overall program.

During the training program, leaders from various universities, government agencies, and companies, and organizations introduced various cutting-edge topics on: 
1. Paul Chan, Executive Vice President, I.M. Systems Group, Inc., How to Run an International Company: Leadership, Quality Control & Project Management 
2. Paul Houser, GMU Professor, Global Hydrology/Climate Change
3. Wendy Guan, Harvard, Harvard Center for Geographic Analysis
4. Stephen Lowe, USDA GIO, Agriculture and Geoinformatics
5. Shashanki, NSF, Innovation
6. Mark Rozell, Acting Dean, Professor of Public Policy, GMU, US Politics and Public Policy
7. Arie Croitoru, GMU Professor, GeoInformatics
8. John Qu, ESTC Director, ESTC and New Earth Science Missions
9. Peter N. Stearns, GMU Provost, Leadership and the American University
10. Sheila Steffenson, Esri Federal Sciences Business Director, ESRI Federal Science and Technology Strategy
11. David Wong, GMU Professor, Geographic Information in the US federal agencies
12. Chaowei Yang, Director, NSF Spatiotemporal Center, Spatial Cloud Computing and the NSF Spatiotemporal Innovation Center 

Thanks also go to the executives who study diligently with the professors and leaders. Xu Chen, Qunying Huang, and Chaowei Yang provided translations. Staff members of GMU CISC also provided significant support to ensure smooth operations during the course of the program. 

Thanks to all who helped make this effort a success. We are exploring future programs. 


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