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Thank to the support from Heilongjiang Bureau of Surveying and Mapping (HLJBSM) leaders including former Director Zhigang Li (currently Director of State Geomatics Center) and Deputy Director Qianjun Miao, and Provost Peter Stearns and Dean Vikas Chandhoke of George Mason University, The Fourth "Advanced GeoInformation Science Certificate Program" was successfully concluded. HLJBSM, GMU, NASA, USGS and ESRI sponsored this program. GMU, UC-Boulder, Univ. of Utah, ESRI, San Francisco State Univ. (SFSU) collaboratively organized the training.

Managed by the Center for Intelligent Spatial Computing at GMU and HLJBSM, the Program has provided training to more than eighty professionals, coming from more than half of the provinces in China .
This year, eighteen GeoInformation Science professionals from Heiongjiang, Ningxia, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hubei, Jiangxi, and Xinjiang participated in this customized training program at George Mason University (Jun 22 -Aug.15), University of Colorado at Boulder, University of Utah, ESRI, and San Francisco State University,. The GMU site was managed by Profs. David Wong and Ruixin Yang. The Colorado site was managed by Prof. Ken Foote, and the Utah site was managed by Prof. George Hepner. Pinde Fu coordinated the activities at the ESRI headquarter at Redlands, CA, and in San Francisco, Prof. Xiaohang Liu managed the program. Prof. Chaowei Yang coordinated the overall program.

During the training program, professors and scientists from various universities, government agencies, and companies introduced various cutting-edge topics on Earth Observations systems (EOS), Spatial Statistics, EOS Data Systems, Geospatial Cyberinfrastructure, Web Services, Grid Computing, National Spatial Data Infrastructure/Geospatial One-Stop, Global Earth Observation System of Systems, Semantic/ontology, LBS, a variety of GeoInformation Science applications, and Retrospective on Digital Earth.

All instructors worked very hard to support the training program. A non-exhaustive list includes Peggy Agouris (Chair, GGS, GMU) and Tony Stefanidis (Prof. GMU), Myra Bambacus (NASA GSFC CIO), Guido Cervone (Prof. GMU), Richard Gomez (Prof. GMU), Doug Nebert (USGS/FGDC), Haihong Yang, John Qu (Prof. GMU), Rob Raskin (NASA JPL), Gary Geller (NASA), John Townshend (Prof. and Dean, UMD), Fahui Wang (Prof. LSU), David Wong (GGS, GMU), Qisheng Pan (TSU), Daniel Sui (OSU), Ken Foote (UCB), Pinde Fu and Frank Xia (ESRI), Xiaohang Liu (SFSU). Thanks also go to the training professionals who study diligently with the professors and scientists. Zhenglong Li, Wenwen Li, Caixia Wang, Xiaohang Liu, Frank Xia, and Chaowei Yang provided translations. Staff members of hosting sites also provided significant support to ensure smooth operations during classes.

Thanks to all who helped make this effort a success. We are exploring future opportunities.

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