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Thanks to the support from Directors Zhigang Li and Qianjun Miao of HeiLongJiang Bureau of Surveying and Mapping (HLJBSM), and Provost Peter Steans and Dean Vikas Chandhoke of George Mason University, The 3rd year "Advanced GeoInformation Science Program" was successfully accomplished. HLJBSM, GMU, NASA, USGS, EPA sponsored this program.

The program is organized based on MOUs among HLJBSM, GMU, and CPGIS. 21 GeoInformation Science professionals from Heilongjiang, Guangxi, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Beijing provinces/cities participated in an approximately 7 week summer training (July 11-Aug.28) at George Mason University (GMU), Texas Southern Univ. (TSU), Univ. of Colorado at Boulder (UCB), and California State Univ. at Northridge (CSUN), for customized "Advanced GeoInformation Science" training. The GMU site was organized by Profs. David Wong and Ruixin Yang. The TSU site was organized by Prof. Qisheng Pan. The UCB site was organized by Prof. Ken Foote. And the CSUN site was organized by Prof. Yifei Sun. Prof. Chaowei Yang coordinated the program.

During the 7 weeks, professors/scientists from GMU, NASA, FGDC, EPA, UMD, LSU, ESRI, GeoEye, Skyline, USGS, UT-Austin, TAMU, and Tetra Tech Inc. introduced various cutting-edge topics on Earth Observations systems (EOS), Spatial Statistics, EOS Data Systems, GeoScience Interoperability, Web Services, Grid Computing, National Spatial Data Infrastructure/Geospatial One-Stop, Global Earth Observation System of Systems, Semantic/ontology, LBS, a variety of GeoInfomation Science applications, and Retro on Digital Earth.

All instructors worked very hard to accomplish the training program. A non-exhaustive list includes Peggy Agouris and Tony Stefanidis (Profs. GMU), Myra Bambacus (NASA GIO), Guido Cervonoe (Prof. GMU), Liping Di (Prof. GMU), Richard Gomez (Prof. GMU), Doug Nebert (USGS/FGDC), Jie Qi, John Qu (Prof. GMU/NPP), Rob Raskin (NASA JPL), John Townshend (Prof. UMD), Fahui Wang (Prof. LSU), David Wong (Chair, ESGS/GMU), Ed Washburn, Greg, and Steve Young (EPA), Qisheng Pan (TSU), Daniel Sui and Hongxing Liu (TAMU), Ming Zhang (UT-Austin), Ken Foote (UCB), Yifei Sun (CSUN), Darrick Danta (CSUN), Philip Mielke (Redlands city GIS admin), Eugene Turner (CSUN), Steve Graves (CSUN), Denny Zhang and Zichuan Ye (ESRI). Thanks also go to the students who study diligently with the Profs./Scientists. Yifei Sun, Zhenglong Li, Wenwen Li, Qunying Huang, Jing Li, Caixia Wang, and Chaowei Yang provide translations. Hosting sites' staffs also provided significant amount of work to ensure the smooth operation of the class.

During this process, CPGIS BOD and senior members participated in the teaching or provided comments and suggestions. They are Fahui Wang, Bin Li, Hui Lin, Fang Qiu, David Wong, Liping Di, Chaowei Yang.

Thanks to all who helped make this effort a success. We are exploring future opportunities and invite more CPGIS members to participate in the CPGIS related activities.

More details can be found at , maintained by Qunying Huang.


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