AAG Spatial Cloud Computing Sessions

Organizers: Chaowei Phil Yang, Doug Nebert, Robert Raskin, Dawn Wright, Shaowen Wang

We are organizing a series of SCC activities, including a workshop, two sessions, and a panel, to introduce the concept, capture the recent developments, and discuss how geographers can best utilize and help to shape cloud computing.

SCC Agenda
Tuesday Afternoon Workshop: 4/12/11, 1-4pm
2109 Paper Session I: 4/13/11, 8:00 AM - 9:40 AM
2209 Paper Session II: 4/13/11, 10:00pm 11:40pm
2309 Lunch Plenary: 4/13/11, 12-12:40pm
2409 Panel: 4/13/11, 12:40 PM 14:20 PM
Recommended Readings

Workshop: 4/12/11, 1-4pm, Capitol Hill
The workshop is the first of the five activities to give audience an introduction and hands on experience about how could geographers use cloud computing through our experiences in the multi-agency GeoCloud Initiative, NASA Cloud Services, and Microsoft Azure based GEOSS clearinghouse. Audience will be able to learn
a.What is cloud computing?
b.How geographic problems been solved on cloud platform?
c.What are the issues, challenges we are facing in migrating to cloud computing era?
d.It will also serve as an introduction to other three cloud sessions organized in the AAG annual conference for deeper understanding and discussion

The workshop is offered free to AAG members through sponsorship from NASA, Microsoft, and GMU/CISC
13:00-13:20: Introduction to Spatial Cloud Computing (SCC) -- Phil
13:20-14:00: Example with Azure for GEOSS Clearinghouse -- Krishna & Qunying
14:00-14:30: Example with Azure for spatial interpolation -- Rezgui
14:30-14:40: break
14:40-15:40: Hands-on with Azure ---- attendees with help from --- Krishna, Qunying, Rezgui
15:40-16:00 Summary and connection to SCC sessions and panel --- Phil

Session I: IaaS, 8:00 AM - 9:40 AM in 609 - Washington State Convention Center, Level 6
Chair: John Mahoney
1. Phil Yang, Spatial Cloud Computing
2. Jinesh Varia, Amazon EC2 introduction
3. Qunying Huang or Phil Yang (for Doug N.), GeoCloud Sandbox Initiative
4. Tiffany.C.Vance@noaa.gov, Particles in the Cloud: Running Fisheries Particle Tracking Models in the GeoCloud Sandbox
5. Qunying Huang, Deployment of GEOSS Clearinghouse on Amazon EC2 and Azure

Session II: PaaS and SaaS, 10:00 AM - 11:40 AM in 609 - Washington State Convention Center, Level 6
Chair: Abdelmounaam Rezgui
1. Krishna Kumar, Microsoft Azure Team, Introduction to Microsoft Azure Platform (PaaS)
2. Abdelmounaam Rezgui, Spatial Analysis on the Clouds: DEM Interpolation on Azure platform
3. Xuan Shi, Computing in the cloud: GIS Vector Data Overlay Processing on Azure Platform
4. Prof. Michael P. Peterson, Spatial Cloud Computing with Google Maps API
5. Cao Kang, A Distributed Storage Schema for Cloud Computing based Raster GIS Systems

Lunch Plenary: 11:50 AM - 12:30 PM in 609 - Washington State Convention Center, Level 6
Organizer: AAG
Chair: Phil Yang
Speaker: Jinesh Varia, Amazon EC2
Title: Cloud Computing for Geographers

Panel, 12:40 PM - 2:20 PM in 609 - Washington State Convention Center, Level 6
The panel is setup to discuss how could geographers use and help to shape cloud computing. We invited leaders from industry, agencies, and academia to share their driven objectives, experiences, present their lessons learned, and long-term strategies.
Chairs: Michael Goodchild
Victoria Kouyoumjian, ESRI and Cloud Computing: Strategy & Practices
Krishna Kumar, Microsofot Azure and E3 Program
John Mahoney, FGDC Cloud, Policy, and Management Issues
Rob Raskin, Knowledge Representation and Utilization in Cloud Computing
Jinesh Varia, Amazon EC2 and CloudComputing for Geographers
Shaowen Wang, NSF CyberGIS Initiative and Cloud Computing
Phil Yang, GeoCloud SandBox Initiative (for Doug N./FGDC) and NASA Cloud Services/DaaS (for Myra B./NASA)

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