Spatial Web Portal (SWP)

Geospatial metadata, data, and services have been widely collected, developed and deployed in the past years. This flourishing of geospatial resources also added to the problem of geospatial heterogeneous. The interoperability research and implementation are needed for advancement in potential solutions to integrate and interoperate these widely dispersed geospatial resources. Spatial Web Portal, which leverages recent advances in web portals and spatial web services, is under research to support multiple levels of geospatial interoperability among distributed web resources.

The Earth Information Exchange (EIE) is developed as an SWP example to share Earth Information at the levels of metadata, data, service and application. EIE also seamlessly integrates current resources from NASA, ESIP federation and GMU grid computing platform to facilitate the easily exchange of earth science information. The on-going effort will also provide a spatial web portal to access and improve earth science information distributions at different government agencies, educational and research institutions, and NGOs.
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