GEOSS (Global Earth Observation System of Systems)

We are working with our national partners to observe the global earth observation system of systems by providing testbed, interoperability expertise, cyberinfrastructure. The research collaborations in this regard spans several government agencies, such as USGS, NASA, and EPA.

We also expanded these researches internationally. We joined scholars, from Beijing University and Wuhan University, received two major grants from the Ministry Of Science and Technology (MOST) of China. One grant allowed examining the utilizing of digital geospatial information systems to support digital Beijing and the 2008 Olympics. Another grant allows us to examine the mechanisms of Earth observing, information process, and knowledge transformation. These researches are directly related and supports the Global Earth Observing System of Systems (GEOSS).

The application development provides us a testing environment to validate our research, and provide us the connection with different government agencies to demonstrate our research and development, therefore, provide a platform to horn our future research and development.
Through a collaboration between FGDC ( and GMU’s Center for Intelligent Spatial Computing (, a clearinghouse has been developed based on GeoNetwork ( and selected as the clearinghouse for Global Earth Observation (GEO). The effort is led by Doug Nebert, FGDC and Phil Yang, Co-Director of CISC. The development is conducted by Hannes Wu, Kai Liu, Zhenlong Li, Wenwen Li, Tim Miao. The project is supported by FGDC grant, ESIP Products & Services and Air Quality Committees, and NASA Geospatial Interoperability grant. The clearinghouse is operating at GEOSS Poster[PDF]

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