Distributed Geospatial Information Processing

GIS includes the functions of capturing, processing, visualizing, and analyzing geospatial information related to earth surface. Although GIS processing functions have matured within the past four decades, the architecture and algorithms need to be researched in a Network environment, where the GIS functions are distributed across computer networks but coordinate with each other. We conduct research on the architecture and algorithms within the context of Distributed GIS and the infrastructure of cyber and interoperability.

Another major concern about distributing GIS functions across a computer network is performance. We conduct systematic research at George Mason and are develop a set of algorithms and strategies to improve the performance of a Network GIS. These algorithms and strategies are implemented within a prototypes developed by CISC and will continue to evolve through our continuing research.

By combining Network GIS with internet data distribution system, we work with data distribution communities to set up operational real time data receiving capability, distribution, and processing capabilities at Mason.
As a service to the community, we organize with our partners the series of Distributed GIS to DGIP sessions in AAG.
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