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Earth Information Exchange is a joint effort among the NASA, Earth Science Informaiton Partnership (ESIP), and George Mason University (GMU). The objective of the Exchange is to share information at the levels of metadata, data, services, and knowledge. As a Spatial Web Portal, the Exchange utilizes Liferay Portal as portal container and the Liferay Portal provides over 60 portlets for generic and fundamental functional support. On the other hand, to make the Exchange support a specific domain requirement, such as the one from the Earth science communities, additional portlets, scuh as WMS Viewer and Semantic Search, have been developed to support the Exchange objective. Because all the portlets developed are compliant with Java Servlet Request (JSR)268 specification, the portlets can be easily deployed and integrated into other portals , such as Earth Science Gateway, in an interoperable fashion. For more information please visit


Presentations in ESIP Summer Meeting July 15-18, 2008 Durham, NH and AAG 2008, April 15-19, Boston "Earth Information Exchange: Sharing the geospatial resources for Earth science and applications in an interoperable fashion"


Currently, EIE is operational and support the following functionalities:
  1. Search data and services
  2. View data and services in 2D, 3D, 4D manners
  3. Support Air Quality, Water, Disaster, etc 11 Applications
  4. Integrate interoperability and technologies
  5. An infrastructure for sharing earth information to support the NSDI, GSDI and GEOSS Applications through developed and additional portlets
The operational system can be accessed through Figure is showing the homepage for EIE
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