International Advisory BOD

The BOD is to provide scientific guidance to the center.

Xu Guanhua, Academician, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
Chen Yuntai, Academician and Associate Director, GeoSciences Division, CAS; Honorary Dean, School of Earth and Space Sciences, Peking University
Goodchild Michael, Academician, US National Academy of Sciences, Executive Director, National Center on Geographic Information Analysis (NCGIA)
Engenhofer Max, Director, NCGIA, tentative
Li Deren, Academician, CAS, Past President, Wuhan University
Tong Qingxi, Academician, CAS, tentative
Lin Hui, Director, Institute of Space and Earth Information Science, Chinese University at Hong Kong & CAS
Tao Vincent, CEO, PPlive
Li Zhigang, Director, National Geomatics Center of China
Bambacus Myra, Program Manager, NASA GSFC OCIO
Nebert Doug, FGDC Secretariat
Fay Dan, Program Director, Microsoft External Research
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