Spatial principles exist widely within a variety of scientific domains: such as Earth science, bioscience, and environmental sciences. The cutting-edge research and application of computing technology in discovering and utilizing these spatial principles have empowered the human kind to predict spatial trends, therefore, protect, improve our life. However, due to the slow growth of research and education on intelligent spatial computing, many scientific problems wait to be solved until an increased supply of an educated/trained work force exists. The establishment of a Joint Center [CISC] is to respond to the community needs and is projected to providing leading research and training on intelligent spatial computing internationally.

It is planned to achieve the objective from the aspects of research, development, education, and domestic/international collaborations: 1) initially, the center will have five focused research areas in algorithms and architecture of distributed geospatial information processing, high performance spatial computing, interoperability, spatial web portal , and Global Earth Observing System of Systems(GEOSS); 2) the center will target to cultivate next generation spatial explorer, cutting-edge technology innovator and developer from an international perspective; 3) the center is partnering with industrial leaders, such as Microsoft, Intergraph, ESRI, etc. to expose our students to the industrial needs, and to host research needs of practical importance; 4) the center will be working with our domestic and international partners, such as NASA, NPS, FGDC, EPA, Peking University, Wuhan University, and HeiLongJiang Bureau of Surveying and Mapping on coordinated research, education, and development.
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