Semantic Web Research

Kevin Huang, under the direction of Ms. Wenwen Li and Professor Chaowei Yang

Ontology designed:

1. Newspaper Ontology
2. Pizza Ontology
3. Water Resources Ontology
4. Test Ontology

Visualization Implemented :

1.Pizza Ontology Representation
2.Water Resources Graph
3.Hurricanes Visualization

Search Engine Developed:

Water Resource Semantic Search Engine

Projects Participated:

1. OPeNDAP Visualization Client Development (
2. ESIP Water Cluster Portal Development Using Liferay Portal (

Conference Publication:

Comparison of Ontology Reasoners: Racer, Pellet, Fact++ ( ) Huang, T. ; Li, W. ; Yang, C. . American Geophysical Union , Fall Meeting 15-19 December 2008, San Francisco CA , abstract #IN13A-1068

Papers read:

1. Semantic Web Introduction
2. Protégé-Frames Development Document
3. Protégé OWL Development Document
4. Pellet: A Practical OWL-DL Reasoner
5. Description of the RACER System
6. Fact++ Description Logic Reasoner: System Description
7. Jena: Implementing the Semantic Web Recommendations
8. Benchmarking DL Reasoners Using Realistic Ontologies
9. Web Building Tutorials
10. Web Component Development With Servlet and JSP Technologies
11. Liferay Portal 5.1 Development Documentation
12. Liferay Portal 5.1 API

Useful Resources:

1. Hakia Semantic Search Engine:
2. Powerset Semantic Search Engine:



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