Vol.11, Number 1, Jun 2005

  Introduction to Computing and Computational Issues of Distributed GIS
  Chaowei Yang, David W. Wong, Bin Li
  Extending Distributed GIS to Support Geo-Collabarative Crisis Management
  Guoray Cai
  The Integration of Grid-enabled Internet GIServices and Geographic Semantic Web Technologies
  Tong Zhang, Ming-Hsiang Tsou
  A Framework for Developing Web-Service-Based Intelligent Geospatial Knowledge Systems
  Liping Di
  A Distributed GIS for Managing Shanghai Landscape Resources
  Yue Zhu, Chaowei Yang, David W. Wong, Menas Kafatos
  A Web-based Data Visualization and Analysis System for Watershed Management
  Yu Feng Kou, Chang-Tien Lu
  Integrating Heterogeneous Traveler Information Using Web Services
  Shanzhen Yi, Bo Huang
  Evolution and Computing Challenges of Distributed GIS
  X. Mara Chen, Chaowei Yang, Songqing Chen
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